So, you’re engaged and you’re about to spend a pretty penny on getting engagement pictures taken but have no idea what to use them for other than a nice facebook photo or your invitations? Well, here’s a whole slew- I honestly love using that word any chance I get- anyway, a whole slew of other […]

You’re probably reading this because you’re either recently engaged, going to be engaged, or were at some point engaged and are now happily married…so, whichever is the case for you, congratulations! Today I wanted to talk about something that seems to elude the internet AND I’ll make sure you don’t leave empty handed either! (aka, […]

This is Taylor, John, and their cute little guy Greysen! Just look at those dimples! Taylor and John came to the Provo area from Wyoming and are getting married later on this year! Engagement sessions are my favorite but this one was extra special with Greysen with us! He’s almost two! Watching him interact with […]

The first time I went to Horseshoe Bend I was winded, not in the “it took my breath away” type of winded, but WINDED. It was probably 107 out and mid-day. That was a mistake. Never again. This time, it was a completely different story. Everything was perfect. Aside from the (almost) invisible crowds of […]

On Saturday, January Twentieth Two-Thousand Nineteen in the mountains of Utah we officially tied the knot! Although we chose to celebrate with only the company of each other, we are grateful for your support and love, and you will forever be in our hearts.

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